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New Casinos in 2018 – What to Look Out for!

New Online-Casinos in 2018. What can you actually expect from this ever expanding industry?

One thing is certain, time sure flies when you have fun! The first half of 2017 have already passed us and by that were now entering more relaxing times with some sun, bathing and perhaps some fun online-casinos by the beach. Maby it’s time to relax a bit after a long and cold winter, but it’s always good to look forward and see what’s glooming on the horizon – and this goes for online casino as well! This is really an industry that grows like no other at the momen, and everyone seems to want a piece of the action! With a little more open rules and smoother jurisdiction, an online casino nowadays can be started quite smoothly – if you have both the motivation and money, that is. To be successful in this industry, one really has to go all the way, and make something innovate in this rather over-saturated industry.

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So what does the future hold for online-casinos in the coming year and 2018?  “Gamefication” is a term used quite diligently around online-businesses these days, mostly of it in the IT and trading industry. What “gamefication” briefly means  is to make game for your customers so they feel a form of success and satisfaction when they make a action on the website, for example register at an online-casino. It might be a matter of giving players emblems or coins if you as a player solve a problem, or i some way proceed in the game. (Order 8 items online, and you’ll level up, and get a medal). The same can be implemented at online-casino, allowing players to go up to levels the more times they deposit money or bring home bonuses!

Another thing we’ll certainly  see in new casinos during 2018 is more implementations of different VR moments or Virtual Reality. I also think that AR or (Augumented Reality) can be used one way or another for online-casino for mobile phones. Think Pokemon GO with a casino like theme where you see the casino world in the real world, and can go home free spins as you go through town.


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