Casino Bonus 2018

Are you looking for a nice casino bonus offer? Then you have come to the right place! On this site we tell you about the best casino bonus-tips from some of the best players in the casino industry. Many of them are exclusive and have been negotiated so that you get the best possible terms when a costumer becomes a member.
Finding the best possible casino bonus is not always that easy, because the offer is large and there are many casino players. We want to make it easier for our readers, and therefore give you a list of the best deals you can find online!

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Some short information

To understand what a casino bonus is, we need to understand why bonuses exist in the first place. A casino is obviously dependent on customers, and since there are many players in the market, there are many of them struggling for the same customer base. The casino industry is very competitive and in order to attract new customers, something drastic is often needed. This is where casino bonuses come in!
A bonus works to attract new customers, so it needs to be so good that the customer feels inclined to register.  As there is hard competition, many of the offers are therefore extremely generous. There are several different types of bonus offered by the various casinos.

Welcome Casino Bonus

The Welcome Bonus is the most common casino bonus we encounter when looking for a new casino to play. It’s the welcome bonus that will attract new customers, and hopefully make sure they stay with the company. A welcome bonus usually gives a certain percentage of bonus on the first deposit made up to a maximum amount.
For example, a regular bonus of 100% up to 100 Euro. This means that you get 100% bonus on the first deposit made, while the maximum bonus is 100 Euro. If you deposit 1000, you get 100% in bonus, which is, 100 Euro. This gives you  a total of 200 Euro to play with on slots and other casino games. If you do that, you have used the bonus at the maximum, but obviously there’s no problem if you want to deposit a smaller amount.

Sign Up Bonus

You can often see that the welcome bonuses are based on a deposit and that the bonus itself is a certain percentage. Individual pages have bonuses that customers receive without deposit required. These bonuses are usually referred to as registration bonuses, free bonuses or no deposit bonus. Here, customers receive a certain bonus in their game account immediately after the game account has been created.

Casino Bonuses – Read The Terms

Casino bonuses 2018, they’re everywhere all the time and they sound nice, but are they all they’re cracked up to be? It’s time to set the record straight about the good the bad and the ugly when it comes to casino bonuses, and why it’s crucial that you take the time to read the fine print for your own good! Trust us, knowing what you’re signing-up for is worth the five to ten minutes it takes to read through that deathly uninteresting legal jargon

The logic behind casino bonuses is that the gifting casino offers users essentially “free money” to play with in return for signing-up or making a deposit. This bonus technically enhances a players chances of winning by giving players more moolah to play with and thus increasing there play time and opportunities to win.

casino bonuses 2018

Check The Terms & Conditions

We know, we know, no one likes reading all that legal text found in the small print of bonuses offers. We just want to figure out what we need to do to get the casino bonus the quickest and easiest way possible. But reading the fine print is important and can save you from unnecessary pain in the long run. Some casino bonus requirements might surprise you, for example. Sometimes casinos state that if you win with casino bonus money you may not get paid the full amount of your winnings. Did you know that? Well you would of if you’d read the fine print. Make sure to vet all the casino bonus offers that you plan to pursue and make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

There are so many casino bonus offers out there, they are practically on tap. If one of them excites you and then you find out it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, no worries simply hop down to the next offer and you will without a doubt find one that suits your fancy in almost no time. So get out there, claim your bonus and ALWAYS read the fine print.