Play directly in your mobile browser, or download an App?

Play directly in the browser or download an casino app?

It is becoming more common with casinos using the HTML5 technology; that enables you to play directly in the browser from virtually any mobile device. But you can also find apps that are available for download on a  iOS device or Android. The apps should be free; and you can easily find them through the casino’s website or an app store like those Apple and Google are running.

There are absolutely a whole bunch of free casino games that can be downloaded as apps; but you should be warned that what starts out as free; often doesn’t stay that way, when you move on to the actual games. There is a good guide for you to read about new casinos 2018 on if you’re interestedIn addition; it is only in real mobile casinos that you win for REAL; and therefore it is recommended to play on a real casino; rather than to pay for slot games.

The experience is the same

As is said, it is becoming more common with mobile sites that offer everything in the browser so it’s quite rare that you have to choose between a app or to play games directly online. Nowadays, it doesn’t make any difference to graphics and the gaming experience if you play in the browser or choose to download the games.

Jackpots and bonuses on mobile casinos

Imagine winning several million on a jackpot; when you playing for a short while on the bus. This has actually happened; and casinos like Leo Vegas have paid huge profits to mobile players. This has been possible because of big and famous progressive games for mobiles. To read about casino bonus 2018 check out

Bonuses are also important and these are to be found really in good mobile casinos. We always try to find out how lucrative these bonuses really are; so that you know from the start what to expect. A smaller amount of money can be better than a bigger one; if you get better conditions for lesser bets.